Thursday, June 6, 2013

Best Email Chains...

You know something is funny when you laugh out loud or, in my case, spew mango pieces all over your new Mac.  Either way, both are great signs that something is funny.  But, you know something is hilarious if the moment unexpectedly creeps into your mind hours later, and you start laughing uncontrollably.  Sort of like how babies or toddlers do.  Like my niece, K, here:

Let me indulge.

My brother sent an email to us that had an eBay item he was "watching" and he asked if we could pick it up for him if he put a bid on it.  After all, "mom and dad were looking for a freezer".

So I send an email that says "You must be kidding.  It's huge!" to which my older (more sarcastic) sister replies "M-It's a freezer for BODIES.  We are not buying it!".

Naturally, I was so confused.  Upon reviewing the eBay listing, I realized I read "Morgue Refrigerator" to be the brand name!

So that led the email chain to what "idiot businessman would name his business 'Morgue'".

Ahhh, but we all know there are more stupid business names out there.  Like my example: Amigone Funeral Home.

But Mr. Funny closes the loop with the best example of a business with the most silly name.  Get ready, San Angelo.  I am sure you have eaten at this staple eatery in our dear hometown.

I'm giggling even as I write this.

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