Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My first bike ride...

It was loads of fun, riding from Manhattan's Battery Park all the way up through Central Park and Harlem on our way to the Bronx.  And of course, that reminds of me of my dear best friend from San Angelo, Tamara, who was born there.  That sent me on a flurry of childhood memories, of getting to know each other at the ripe age of 12, of arguing over religion, and of a piece of me that I miss more today than I ever have.  From our quick dip into the Bronx, we crossed into Queens on our way to Brooklyn and finally to the killer Verrazano Bridge into Staten Island.  Those who read my blog know that I only learned to ride a bike when I turned 30 so this was my latest challenge. You know-making up for lost time.  It's funny how many things you regret as you get older and how quickly you learn that it's just never too late.

Now, I'm ready to graduate from this 40 mile trek to a century ride.  Where will my bike take me next?

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