Thursday, April 18, 2013

I guess courage comes with perspective...

I've finally mustered up the courage to write this post.  One of disappointment. And deflation.  That of failing.  And dreams not coming true.

But then I learned a life lesson on Monday.  And now the post is about perspective.  You know - hearing of an eight year old boy losing his life because he was merely watching a race can really remind you that your own woes are probably pitiful in comparison.

I heard back from NASA, and unfortunately my bid to soar into space has abruptly come to an end.  No more willing the phone to ring.  Or shamelessly googling home buying in Houston.  It was devastating then.  But now...well, it's a bump in the road.

You see, I have my limbs. The freedom to run.  I won't panic at the sound of a souped up muffler. Or shudder at the vibrations when a train goes by.  I don't have to explain senseless tragedies to young kids. Nor do I know what it is like to lose a child.  So not getting picked to be an astronaut?  If this is how I am punished, I will gladly take it.

And delve into the part of my personality that can always find a silver lining.  As you probably know, I am in my own marathon training mode.  I'm up to 12 miles this weekend, and come the summer solstice, I will be cruising the Alaskan scenery on foot.  Each day I run post Marathon Monday, I've got Boston on my mind.  And in my heart.

I'm strapping on my shoes... well, because I can. And because they can try as they will to bruise the All-American.  But the good will prevail.  And I refuse to live in fear.

To a speedy recovery.  And in their memory.

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