Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Grunts and Cuddles...

Shy's such a character.  I love getting to know him.  From the red-face only gas can cause to the milk-coma induced cuddling I get at least eight times a day. And he's started to laugh.  Like a real, albeit silent, social laugh.  His big Indian eyes continually search for light, even when the lights are off.  And the only reason he ever cries is hunger.  Forget dirty diapers-this boy cares not one bit if he is sitting in his own poo.

Shyam at 5 weeks old

In other baby news, we survived our first night without dad!  Srin's in California on a work trip, and Shy decided to pay him back by sleeping the longest stretch he has ever slept.  6 hours!  But I don't expect that to repeat because if I learned one thing, it's not to get used to any milestones too fast.  They are ever changing!  So I took my 6 hours of sleep with a grain of salt and woke up in an awesome, rested mood.  I thought Shy would be more awake today as a result, but I guess sleep begets sleep!  Or maybe he will repeat the hour before he fell slept last night and be more awake than ever while I resist falling asleep before him.  We shall see…

Shyam turns 8 weeks old tomorrow, and I cannot help but think that I would never be ready to go back to work in a few weeks.  Thank goodness I am staying home for 6 months.  In these moments, I always think of my good friend Reyes who once told me, well before Shy came along, that every woman has to make the best decision for herself and she shouldn't feel bad whatever that plan is.  Here here, Reyes!

Shyam at 7 weeks

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