Thursday, February 27, 2014

Okay, I am sold...

On cloth diapers that is.  It didn't take much convincing as to the benefits.  And yes, in my opinion, the benefits do outweigh the environmental impact.  Despite what your colleague may or may not say with words.  In my short few months of using cloth diapers, I have already had way too many people ask if I have considered that it wastes more water, electricity, etc.  That it isn't THAT much better than disposables. And that I won't be able to keep up with it once I go back to work.  And all I have to say in response is each person has to decide what is best for him or herself.  Whether that's plastic grocery bags (which I stopped using), plastic trash bags (which will be the day if I ever stop using), or disposable diapers.  For me, sending all that pee-drenched plastic to the landfills is much worse than the water I use to do extra rinses on my cloth diapers. I don't judge those who use disposables, and I totally understand why one does.  Gosh.  Stinky poo in your washing machine?  Dunking diapers in a toilet? No thanks. Going green in the world of babies is an overwhelming decision. At first.  And then you do it and wonder why in the world you were so overwhelmed.  It's not that bad and kind of addictive. And there is a method that works for everyone.  Like there will be no such thing as dunking in any toilet in this home.  Drops of toilet airborne? Bleh.  But I have turned that corner and now find myself Googling "natural fiber cloth diapers" instead of buying a new book (which I miss doing). It's like mama-crack.  Anyway, I digress.

My entire reason for bringing out the computer is two fold:  1) I finally got Shy to sleep.  And not in my arms. and 2) To share these adorable pictures of fluffy bottoms.

Like most first time cloth diapering parents, I stuck to the whole "stay dry" materials like the stay dry-lined microfiber inside the bumGenius Freetimes (top).  I even had a close friend tell me all about the synthetic vs natural fabrics, but I don't think I quite got it back then.  Recall the "overwhelmed" part above.  And stupid me thought all fleece was made from cotton but most is made from polyester like the inside of my Nicki's diaper, which I love anyway and makes me feel like I am wrapping Shy's bottom in a wonderful blanket.  Natural or not. Plus, there are lots of good reasons to have these in your stash.  So no regrets there!

Now that I am way more relaxed and using diapers is just like…well using diapers, I love being able to explore other options.  So I just got my first two fitteds from Green Mountain Diapers and my wool cover from Nicki's.  And I cannot wait to try it out on Shy's cute little bum. YAY!  Don't worry. I'll post another picture.

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