Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wooly Bottoms...

I promised a pic so here it is! In a newborn Disana's wool pull on cover with a size small Green Mountain Diaper workhorse underneath. And an Ewok hat!

Oh and update:  In case anyone is wondering, that is.  We are pain free!  Yes, I now love nursing as much as every breastfeeding woman. Finally. I mean, I always loved feeding Shy, but when you are in unimaginable, never-ending pain, it's tough to really enjoy it.  And now I do.  I SO do.  It was totally worth the 10 weeks of … ugh… I don't even want to try to describe it.  It was just totally worth it.  Plus, if there are two things I should pass on, Shy got them both.  My ability to sleep (thanks Dad!) and my immunity (thanks breastmilk antibodies!).

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